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Variegated Euonymus (Euonymous japonica aureo-varigata)


Variegated Euonymus (Euonymus japonica variegata) thrive in the cool Arizona shade but produce more colorful leaves with a half-day of direct sun. They will acclimate to full sun if planted during the fall and early spring. Euonymus are very easy to keep as a hedge of size from small to large with only three to four trimmings a year. Plant in well drained soil in tropical or sub-tropical yards.

Varieties we carry:

Gold Spot Euonymus have bright yellow blotches with very dark green edges. Beautiful contrast on a very hardy shrub.

Gold Edge Euonymus have soft golden leaves with green blotches.

Silver Euonymus are variegated with white blotches or edges against dark green leaves


Medium to large shrub used for hedges, formal pruning or foundation planting

Part sun, will acclimate to full sun

Cold hardy, never damages in freezing temperatures!

Gold and silver varieties