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Majestic Ash (Fraxinus uhdei 'Majestic')


Majestic Ash

Fraxinus uhdei 'Majestic'

The Majestic Ash is a highly sought after shade tree for not only it's beautiful appearance but for it's ease of care as well. Majestic Ash trees are easily grown from zones 9-24 making these a perfect tree to grow anywhere in Southern California all the way to the east coast. These are a grafted cultivar that is grown specially by Moon Valley Nurseries for decades, what makes these trees even more spectacular is they do not produce a seed thanks to the expert growing process.

The bright shiny foliage of the Majestic Ash can stay with the tree year round in our normal winters providing lasting shade and privacy. These are a medium to large fast growing shade tree that works in nearly any landscape application and once established these can become a water wise tree. Planting these trees on slopes can also be beneficial for erosion control as well. The premium cultivar's used by Moon Valley Nurseries also makes the Majestic Ash more disease and pest resistant, making these a perfect backyard tree for your home.

Moon Valley Nurseries has been custom growing premium specimen trees for decades all across Southern California throughout the Desert Southwest and have perfected the proper growing technique to assure the customer is always getting a top quality tree for the best value. Stop into any of our giant growing farms open to the public and allow our experts to help you select the perfect Majestic Ash to grow in your yard today.

  • Fast Growing & Easy to Grow
  • Grafted- NO SEEDS!
  • Disease & Pest Resistant
  • Great water wise tree, fire wise tree and for erosion control
  • Plant wherever shade and privacy are desired