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Royal Palm (Roystonea regia)


The Royal Palm, botanical name Roystonea regia, is a stately medium to large palm tree ideal for use on a variety of landscape styles, particularly for use in the coastal areas of the Southwest from San Diego to Santa Barbara. It’s a sturdy palm, featuring that classic “upscale palm” look found in many world class resorts. It’s the perfect option if you're looking to add instant tropical flare to your landscape.

This stately palm is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful palms in the world. This beauty is complementary to all palms, so feel free to plant it in your tropical theme landscape or use it for classical framing.

The Royal Palm is an evergreen that loves the sun and requires low to moderate water once established. It’s a drought tolerant palm that is sure to be an essential focal point in any tropical garden. It does exceptionally well in nearly all soil conditions. It will thrive near the coast but can also be seen thriving inland as street trees and for bringing vertical effects in large gardens. It’s a beautiful looking palm during the day and at night. This is a perfect specimen for night lighting thanks to its stateliness, attractive green color and spectacular feathered palm fronds.

This Royal Palm features a slow to moderate growth rate, so buy as big as you can to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent palm in your landscape today. Moon Valley Nurseries grows and nurtures the finest Royal Palm specimens in our local climate, so they’re ready to add curb appeal and value into your landscape.

Feel free to speak with our nursery pro for placement ideas or take advantage of our free professional landscape design consultation. Plant with Moon Valley Nurseries Super Charged Moon Juice and All Natural Planting Mulch for spectacular results. Let us do all the work – design, delivery, installation – we do it right! You buy it – we can deliver and plant it!


Popular along the streets of many cities

Popular in coastal landscapes

Grows in full sun or part sun

Commonly found at upscale resorts, commercial facilities & shopping areas